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Lil Wayne weighs in on #linsanity


#Linsanity (it’s a real thing)

I didn’t really want to believe it. It’s been hard to be a Knicks fan for a long time. Call me cautious but they’ve never gotten it quite right after the Ewing era. It got to the point where I didn’t even really want to know who they were because it was easier that way. But slowly it started to seem like they were going to try and get it right.

Amare Stoudemire was a real nice start. A little later than you might have wanted in his career, but a solid big man. Good start. Carmelo was a bit more exciting because him and LeBron are hitting their primes right now and it’s about Carmelo started acting like he was the guy that won at Syracuse instead of acting like the High School kid. Tyson Chandler? Solid big man, proven winner.

This season started off not horribly and then took a turn for the terrible. 7 games below .500 nowhere even close to mattering in the Eastern Conference and then it starts. New Jersey…the Arena in Brooklyn is a bigger deal then their season. Not impressed. But not not impressed either. The kid was scrappy, reminded me of our High School point guard Chris Liu. Chris Liu was dead nice. And I think he may have ended up at Harvard also…or Yale or one of those places…

And so the grown up version of our High School point guard is converting the Knicks one by one. Not even the fans, they’re already on board. Tyson Chandler was paid in Alley-Oops. Novak was rewarded with open 3 point looks. Shumpert is looking like a not so bad rookie and Amare is starting to become a convert too. Everyone worries about what’s going to happen when Carmelo gets back. Hopefully it goes something like this. Carmelo finally starts playing like he wants to beat LeBron to a ring. If he can get on the same page as Jeremy, Amare, Tyson & Landry these Knicks could take the league by surprise in the playoffs…

It’s nice to be able to enjoy being a Knicks fan again. It was hard for a long time.


ESSO x Dallas Penn at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Last week Dallas Penn and I shot the video for “Death Do Us” from the Son of SAMO EP at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. After wrapping the shoot, Dallas and I sat and spoke for a couple of minutes on the project and the song itself…

last night w/heartsrevolution at Le Baron

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of rocking with heartsrevolution at Le Baron in Chinatown for SPIN & Absolut’s new ENCORE! series. The night was retardedly dope, and they KILLED! I’m sure the footage is gonna be popping up somewhere soon but until then here are a few of the flicks from last night courtesy of

I’ve never been an animated .gif before that sh&* cray!!!

Kobe x Kanye

Kanye: But I’m the best…

Kobe: But are you a different animal and the same beast?

Kanye: What the fu*k does that mean Kobe Bryant?


German Error Message – In Comforting [LIVE]

Check out German Error Message performing their song “In Comforting” that VHVL sampled on Tapewreck from the Son of SAMO EP

ESSO – Tapewreck [MP3] w/Lyrics

ESSO – Tapewreck [MP3] via | MediaFire

We all hit walls, get frustrated and question ourselves. Anyone that says that they doesn’t is lying to you. I wrote this song when I was going through one of those periods. Reality provides us with the greatest subject matter. This song is kind of my own commentary on myself in a way, I’m talking to myself more than I’m really talking to anyone else. Cheers to thinking out loud…


Hit the jump for the lyrics if you like…

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ESSO – Son of SAMO [EP] 2012












Available NOW via!!!

An Open Letter from the Son of SAMO

Son of SAMO drops tomorrow 1/19/12 via &

Son of SAMO EP Trailer

Happy Friday the 13th from the Son of SAMO