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ESSO – Tapewreck [MP3] w/Lyrics

ESSO – Tapewreck [MP3] via | MediaFire

We all hit walls, get frustrated and question ourselves. Anyone that says that they doesn’t is lying to you. I wrote this song when I was going through one of those periods. Reality provides us with the greatest subject matter. This song is kind of my own commentary on myself in a way, I’m talking to myself more than I’m really talking to anyone else. Cheers to thinking out loud…


Hit the jump for the lyrics if you like…



What the fuck happens when the fun’s gone

That’s like staying at the beach when the sun’s gone

Or when the last bit of Barbancourt Rum gone

Nigga I had even stopped thinking I was the one dog

But as it happened I remembered who the fuck I am

Looked in the mirror said nigga you a lucky man

Just a little more jaded then what I used to be

But anything that ain’t progress is no use to me

Let’s call it sticking to my blackberry too long

But shit that’s where I had written all my fuckin songs

And then Steve Jobs died

And my macbook and phone begged to be unified

Yea I know it sounds a little off the deep end

U just gotta understand that’s how I think, and

I think alone so I cant be distracted

And I got a new mission at hand, target is active.


Had to get low just to get a little higher

Started overthinking everything that I thought of

end of the chapter but the book still moves on

the new chapter’s bout our trip to the moon’s crust

And I’ll never have a single regret

And even if you don’t wish me, I wish you the best

To the ones that’s still here well I wish us the rest

May we never be denied VIP access!

And I don’t even really give a fuck about the bottles

First mixtape I went and made a run at some models

And they never said no but they always wanted more for me

Like they had every single fuckin idea what was in store for me

Then I went right back to my Varsity

Work ethic made shit hectic went off the wall even

Maybe that right there was the premonition

So from here on out I’m on my way to my position


Polygraph me everything I speak’s true

And it’s more on me than it’s on you

And if you feel that this applies than this is your verse

So u gon have to own that for better or worse

Good friends are so fuckin hard to come by

And I prolly had way too many for one life

But bottomline I’m a nigga wit a good heart

and everybody that I love has they own part

and things cant end off if they don’t start

end of the day just means THAT day’s over

the best thing about tomorrow it’s a new day

and if one way don’t work then try a new way

most my friends that ever win feel the same way

keep getting sacked for loss or try a new play

I hope yours drawn up I know mine is

Never been one for that waiting in the line shit



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